Budding Developments

Connecting Broetje Employees and Partners to the Fruits of their Labor...One Fruit at a Time.

In the region of Darjeeling, India, Mercy Corps is working with spice farmers through the Market Chain Intervention (MCI) project.
It Takes a Village 
Budding Developments - It takes a villiage  Everyone is familiar with the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child." Here at Vista Hermosa, we live that on a daily basis.
Fall is Here!
 Harvest Time around the world
Fall is here and that means Harvest Time!! It's not just harvest time locally but also around the world.
Pathway to a Better Life in Haiti
 Marie Lordes March 8 is International Women's Day!  While we join together to celebrate the central role of women in our lives, let us also remember the incredible work that remains to be done to ensure that all women and girls are strong, safe, and healthy and living out God's call for their lives.
World Day of Social Justice

Recognize efforts of the international community in poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice for all.
 A Story of Love and Compassion in Haiti

 A beautiful story of love and compassion being taught to a group of preschoolers in the little, rural community of Baocia, Haiti. 
 Suzanne Broetje traveled to Haiti, visiting partners in the north and in the south.

$1 million for Africa Relief 
 1 million dollar emergency relief for Arfica Vista Hermosa Foundation has committed $1 million in emergency relief funds to address the urgent needs.
Sustainable Rice Production in Haiti
Sustainable Rice in Haiti
Vista Hermosa awarded a grant to World Hunger Relief to support rice farmers in northern Haiti.
Care of Creation Kenya
On a recent visit to Care of Creation in Kenya where we learned about "Farming God's Way."
Housing in Haiti
Rachel Wheeler, 11, raised more than $170,000 to build a house in Haiti.

Water in Kenya
Clean running water from the Mara River put smiling faces on the families of 164 households.
Emus in India
Emus in India
Eliezer and Prema have prepare for 100 baby birds to move into their new home.
Education in Guatemala
Education in Guatemala
CoEd's mission is to help Guatemalan schoolchildren break the cycle of poverty through education.
Partnering with Frente Democractico Campesino, the goal is to increase household incomes for farmers.
Partnership for Local Development - Haiti
Partnership- Haiti
PLD works in Haiti to improve their agricultural production, income generation, food security and more.