Guadalupe Miramar, Oaxaca, Mexico

Guadalupe Miramar is located in the Yucuhiti municipality of Tlaxiaco district in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is the first Guatalupe Miramar Mexico 2010 Visitcommunity identified as part of the “Paisanos Unidos” project at Broetje Orchards to establish stronger ties between our employees and their home communities in Mexico.

In 2010, a survey revealed that over 20% of employees at Broetje Orchards have home communities in the Mixteco region of Oaxaca, and another 20% have home communities in Michoacàn, Mexico. Many of these individuals have not visited their homes in many years, yet continue to stay in communication and send remittances to address family and development needs there.

To strengthen the impact of these efforts, Vista Hermosa Foundation contracted Amanecer to research and identify specific communities in Oaxaca with which to work. Research revealed that the municipality of Yucuhiti has about 6,500 residents, of which 2,000 live in Guadalupe Miramar. More than 67% live below the Mexican poverty line, and one out of every three children has nutritional deficiencies so severe as to create long-term chronic health problems. As such, Miramar ranks as one of the 400 poorest communities in the entire country of Mexico and out-migration is increasing. Over 4,500 people have already migrated, with more than 1,000 of them residing in the US.
Guatalupe Miramar Mexico
In October 2010, a site visit was conducted with 54 representatives of the community groups in Miramar. A diagnostic activity identified needs, resources, and priorities for the region. Out of that, the following steps and activities have been achieved:
• The community formed and registered as a nonprofit organization called Coordination of Past, Present, and Future of Miramar (CPPFM)
• Capacity building and food security were identified as the greatest needs
• Ongoing workshops provide training in planning, research on government funds, grant writing, and agricultural productionGuatalupe Miramar Mexico
• A grant in 2011 enabled seven women’s cooperatives to establish 127 home-based chicken farms and receive training in proper maintenance and care.
• A grant in 2012 will support women to also establish vegetable gardens and greenhouses and receive training on organic production and pest management
• A revolving loan will enable community members to start other income generating activities, such as tire repair, a chicken incubator, rotisseries, and a coffee roasting center.