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Broetje Orchard Awards

Over the years, Broetje Orchards has been granted many awards of excellence.
  • Latino/a Educational Achievement Project - Corporate and Community Service Award 2012

  • Association of Washington Business - Environmental Excellence Award 2011

  • Pasco Chamber of Commerce - Ag Hall of Fame "Pioneers of the Year" Award 2011; for dedication and service to promoting agriculture in the Columbia Basin

  • NCSI - Chairman's Award 2010; for community philanthropy and social outreach

  • Association of Washington Business - Bruce Biggs Award 2009; for member who continues to give back to his or her community.

  • Good Fruit Grower – Good Fruit Grower of the Year 2008 – innovative and inspiring grower

  •  Natl Association of Social Workers WA Chapter – Public Citizen of the Year 2006 

  • American Fruit Grower – Apple Grower of the Year 2003 – committed to providing a high quality of life to employees and people around the world 

  • WA Agriculture and Forestry Leadership Program – Stu Bledsoe Leadership Award 2003 – making a difference, adding value that outlives you