Take A Bite Out of Hunger

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International Partners

Vista Hermosa Foundation seeks to invest in the development of holistic, Justicia Kidssustainable communities in East Africa, India, Haiti, Mexico, and the United States.  With the goal of nurturing the dreams and potentials of others, we prioritize work in four primary areas:

  1. Access to Education and Youth Development
  2. Agri-Business and Market Access
  3. Conservation and Resource Management
  4. Social Justice Advocacy in the US

Education/Youth Development

Beyond Borders
Model Community Initiative to Support Child Rights, Haiti
Haiti Partners SCHOOLS Program and Children's Academy, Baocia, Haiti
Mona Foundation
New Horizon School and Training Center, Cabaret, Haiti
Centro de Compartimiento
Girls' Residential Education Program, Juchitan, Mexico
Dalit Freedom Network
Community Health Workers in Education Centers, India
Oasis India
Community Learning Center, Punganur, India
Don Bosco
Youth Outreach and Rehabilitation, Chennai, India
ALARM  Pader Technical School, Uganda
Stephen's Children
 Desert Reclamation and Boys' Vocational Training, Egypt
Jubilee Youth Ranch
 Boys' Residential Education Program, Prescott, WA 
NHCLC  Education is the Key program, WA

Agri-Business and Market Access

World Vision Integrated Tree Cropping, Veracruz, Mexico
Just Markets for Apple Farmers, Chihuahua, Mexico
Spice Farmers Project, Darjeeling, India
EDGET Rice Farmers and Textile Weavers, Ethiopia
Partners Worldwide
Grafco Sacco agri-finance, Limuru, Kenya
Partners Worldwide
Talanta oxen and plow finance, Gulu, Uganda

Conservation/Resource Management

Groundswell Intl Partnership for Local Development - peasant organizations, Haiti
Pathway Out of Poverty - income generation for women, Haiti
Plant with Purpose
Sustainable agriculture and conservation, Haiti and Mexico
Amanecer/RCPP Small Farmer Network - capacity building and organizing, Mexico
Farmer Training Center, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
Women Farmers' Project, Thar Desert, India
World Vision
Farmers Livelihood Project, Vidarbha, India
World Vision
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Kirindon, Kenya
Catholic Relief Services
Food Security and Peacebuilding, Samburu, Kenya
Care of Creation
Farming God's Way, Kijabe, Kenya
Servant Leadership training, Kenya

Advocacy Partners in the US

Natl Immigration Forum          Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Sojourners                                    Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Bread for the World                   Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Blue Mntn Comm Found          First Fruits Fund, Walla Walla county
3 Rivers Comm Found              First Fruits Fund, Franklin county
AFSC                                             Farmworker outreach, CA