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Center for Sharing

The Center for Sharing (CFS) was birthed out of a series of short term mission trips of perspective that Cheryl Broetje at The Center for Sharingthe Broetje family took to Mexico in the 1980’s. As they became more aware of the many issues facing their employees in their country of origin –resulting in many of them coming to the U.S. in search of jobs and better livelihoods for their families – the Center was formed around simple advocacy programs for women and children in Mexico.

Over time, the realization was made that charity, while a critical first step, does nothing to foster resiliency during times of crisis or promote sustainability in people’s lives. God intends for every person to be able to develop the gifts and capacities bestowed on them at their creation in order to care for themselves and their families.

Based on this belief, the CFS held its first nine-month servant leadership course in 1995 to assist people in the process of hearing God’s call on their lives. Today, the Center is a faith-based learning community that offers safe spaces in which individuals and groups explore how they can join others as co-catalysts for change. In both for profit and non-profit work, they foster social justice while creating deeper meaning, connection and purpose in the lives of individuals, communities and the world.

The mission of CFS is to foster individual leadership development within a community setting that increasingly sees itself as the builders of a better (more loving and more just) society in that place. Communities become healthier as leaders invest values such as trust, compassion, service, community, respect wherever they have been called to serve on behalf of the whole.

The following are communities where the Center for Sharing is currently working to build Servant Leadership in grassroots community:

  • Pasco, Yakima, and Moses Lake, Washington
  • Nairobi, Malindi, and Kisumu, Kenya
  • Mindoro Island, Philippines
  • Cairo, Egypt

For more information about the Center for Sharing, visit www.centerforsharing.org/

Center for Sharing