Guidelines and Eligibility

We believe that the most impactful way to create long-term change is to build holistic, sustainable communities which empower members to identify their own dreams and to put those dreams into action.

Our Theory of Change model includes three core elements in a cyclical and self-sustaining pattern.

  • Equip: expand access to primary education, vocational training, savings, and income generation so that capacity is raised and standards of living are improved.
  • Empower: promote servant leadership, collective participation, market access, and awareness of rights so that initiatives go beyond the individual.
  • Serve: support communities to address basic needs for the most vulnerable among them.
Rather than provide funding to direct service projects like shelters, feeding programs, and health clinics, our mission is to build up the capacity of communities to meet those needs themselves. As partners are empowered, they repeat the cycle of capacity building and service in others, thus widening the circle of impact and freeing us to move on to other communities.  For a list of our current partners, click here.

Eligibility Criteria
The board does not accept unsolicited proposals for review. In an effort to be more intentional and impactful in our grantmaking process, we take a proactive approach in choosing our partners. To be considered, partners must meet the following criteria.
  • working in Kenya, Uganda, India, Haiti, or MexicoSuzanne Broetje in Kenya
  • faith-based, articulating a holistic approach to human and spiritual development
  • community-based, founded on local leadership and initiative
  • sustainable in project design and implementation
  • servant led, based on inclusivity, purpose, and service to the common good
If you feel that your organization meets these criteria, as well as our Theory of Change, you may send a 2-page letter of inquiry to the executive director at outlining the following: mission and values of your organization, specific goals and activities of proposed project, amount requested and fundraising strategy. If your project fits our funding priorities and we have room to consider more partners, you will be contacted for more information.