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Broetje Orchards

Broetje OrchardsAs a recognized leader in the apple industry for over 25 years, Broetje Orchards is one of the largest privately owned apple orchards in the United States with more than 6,000 acres of apples and cherries. The company’s acreage include approximately 5,000 contiguous acres near Prescott, 625 in Benton City and another 550 devoted to certified organic fruit production in Wallula, WA.

We offer purchasers well over 15 different varieties of apples and cherries with year-round availability for some. The company has more than 12 million square feet of storage and packing with 11 million square feet of that being controlled atmosphere and cold storage space and the remaining 1.1 million square feet being state-of-the-art warehouse and packing facilities. We have two packing lines that have the capacity to pack an average of about 20,000 boxes of apples a day, a total of more than 5 million boxes a year. During peak fall harvest periods, 1,000 temporary workers join the company’s 1,100 full-time, year-round employees.

As a Christian organization, with an ecumenical approach, Broetje Orchards is committed to upholding its mission: “to be a quality fruit company committed to ‘bearing fruit that will last.’” (Jn 15:16 NIV).

It upholds this mission through its social responsibility efforts, inclusive of its:

  1. Philanthropic efforts
  2. The company’s Servant Leadership management style, and
  3. Its affiliate organizations, created to serve its employees, their families and communities around the world.

Broetje Orchards is committed to ensuring the growing and packing of safe, quality fruit in a manner that is recognized as an example for others within the industry. Moreover, we have dedicated ourselves to a way of conducting business that respects the people who make our business possible—our employees.

Our belief is that business does not have to thrive at the expense of the planet or its people, but can chart a course that provides all parties an opportunity to improve.